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Our Story

Sam Ach, Owner of A-Ply

Sam Ach, Owner & CEO

Owner, Sam Ach, has been building for quite a long time. When he was a kid, he built with blocks and Lincoln Logs; when he was 8, he got his first chainsaw. When he was twelve, he built his first shed cabin, and he did it entirely with a chainsaw. (Which still stands today! See photo at the bottom of the page.) By the time he was 20, he was remodeling homes, building cabins, farm buildings, greenhouses, etc. for his family.

Walking around his family’s organic produce farm today, you will find a number of buildings he constructed, ranging from the barn to the farm stand to the processing facility, complete with a walk-in cooler and freezer, as well as a stunning wood yurt. You will also see the shop where he repaired and maintained all of the farm machinery, and where he fabricated farm equipment and tools. He also acted as plumber, electrician, and welder. On top of that, he has logged trees and milled some of the wood used to build these various buildings and dwellings.

Sam did construction work with friends and for family, but it wasn’t until a neighbor asked him to do a full kitchen remodel that he was “paid” to run a job by a real “client.” Once he completed that job, Sam realized he wanted to become a full-time contractor…word spread, and he also realized that he was going to have the work to support his budding business. He became licensed, hired an employee, and the work came flooding in.

Sam's first cabin, present day (2018). He built it with a chain saw when he was 12 years old.

Sam Ach's first Build
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